The faux outrage over public financing is laughable when you remember the deal John McCain too with the devil back when he was an also-ran. Finally the Obama camp (normally timely with this type of thing), thumps Senator McCain over the head with it:

David Plouffe brought a prop to his briefing with reporter: a copy of John McCain’s signature on a state election document in which he attested that he’d be taking public financing.

“John McCain is spending tens of millions of dollars, we believe, unlawfully,’ he said, waving the document.

The details of the argument over whether McCain used an acceptable or unacceptable loophole to secure a loan with the possibility of public financing is now before a court in a DNC lawsuit and subject to the FEC’s consideration.

“John McCain signed his name, ‘John McCain,” Ploufe said. “He got on the ballot attesting he would be in the primary system.”

“They’re out there throwing stones in glass houses on this,” he said of McCain’s attacks on Obama on public financing.

Thanks David. Little quicker on the trigger next time bro. Narratives set pretty quickly nowadays…like super glue.

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  • Dave

    Plouffe is talking about Ohio where Mccain got on the ballot for free by using his FEC matching funds authorization.

    Ohio has an alternative means of getting on the ballot – you can simply present your FEC matching funds authorization to the Secretary of State, and go straight to the ballot, without petitioning.

    And this is what Senator McCain did.

    The problem? He wrote his letter unilaterally rejecting the FEC matching funds authorization 2 weeks before Ohio’s primary elections.

    Did John McCain Commit Election Fraud Upon The State of Ohio?

  • Thanks for the clarity Dave. Nice post back in April, too! 😉

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