Reading the Dispatch blog this morning I came across an interesting piece of information: the Ohio Supreme Court has a mandatory retirement age of 70.

It turns out a mandatory retirement age of 70 is actually pretty common. Even the Catholic Church has a mandatory retirement age of 70 for priests.

Since it seems perfectly reasonable to have a minimum age requirement for a person who is to serve as President of the United States, might not it also seem pretty reasonable to have a maximum age requirement as well?

I mean- if a 71-year-old can’t be trusted to dole out justice or minister to the flock, maybe we should seriously consider if a 71-year-old can be trusted to lead the most powerful military in the world.

Just saying.

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  • Edward S

    Amen! Congress can pass a mandatory retirement age law for US Postal workers, VA officials, etc., but the law doesn’t apply to Congress, the Supreme Court, or the President & VP. It’s too stressful to deliver mail, but not too stressful to have your finger on “the button”…Things that make you go HUH?

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