The twits over at the weekly standard blog are trying to imply that, by using a logo containing an eagle, Barack Obama has somehow broken the law because his logo is too similiar to the Presidential Seal.

According to their skewed interpretation of , the Obama

Here’s the seal and logo in question…

Personally, I think this is a great case for the attorney general to pursue. But, to be fair, he is going to have to go after all of the previous law breakers first.

To give him a hand, I’ve compiled a list of some of the biggest abusers…

The Country of Moldova

The Ramones

Harley Davidson

The National Rifle Association

oh- and don’t forget those horrible logo stealers …

The Romans

  • I saw where Hurley had his pants in a bunch over this as well. These guys are hilarious. Does this mean Obama doesn’t honor all 50 states? He left out the stars! What about the seal being replaced by the Obama O! OMG. Does that mean he really is going to take over the country and make it a liberal communist controlled mecca of muslim like tendencies!

    Lions and tigers and bears. OH MY!

    What they don’t mention is that John McCain is secretly a Chinese spy who even went so far as to take one of the stars from their flag and use it on his campaign logo! Watch out for that guy. We’ll all be speaking Mandarin, hugging pandas, and eating rice!

    Like, oh my god!

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  • Dave

    I particularly liked these from the NRSC. Which they of course use for fund raising.

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  • DrNotta

    “I got the Presidential Seal/
    I’m up on the Presidential podium/
    My mamma loves me, yeah she loves me/
    She get down on her knees and hug me/
    Oh she loves me like Barack/
    Rock me like Barack now baby she loves me”

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