Remember John Freshwater?

He’s the “science” teacher from Mount Vernon, Ohio who burned crosses in his students’ arms and taught them that evolution isn’t real.

Yep. Real winner.

So the School board voted 5-0 to fire the guy yesterday.

Score one for science.

And I really hate to say this- I really do- but I have to commend WMD for taking the same position.

I 100% agree that “this type of behavior should never be tolerated.”

Good job guys. Glad to see we finally agree on something.

UPDATE: Again- I don’t always agree with Ralph King but it’s nice to see him on the right side of this issue.

  • So it turns out this guy used to be my next door neighbor. This case is about a guy that assaulted children while a teacher along with a whole lot of other things he had no business doing.

    It has nothing to do with a bible.

  • Yes, Scott. I agree. Burning a cross on a student’s arm is for sure assault.

    Gotta love this from the AP story:

    “Freshwater’s friend Dave Daubenmire defended him.

    “With the exception of the cross-burning episode. … I believe John Freshwater is teaching the values of the parents in the Mount Vernon school district,” he told The Columbus Dispatch for a story published Friday.”

    …so other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

  • A pretty easy 5-0 vote I would think.

  • I’ve been following the legal issues closely because of other potential litigation.

    The real pickle they have is that they apparently tolerated this behavior for years, years!

  • @3: Word.

    @4: Amazing. YEARS!

  • J-Dog

    @2: Mt. Vernon IS pretty wacky. He probably DOES share a lot of community values. But that does not give him license to do what he did.

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