I guess it was bound to happen eventually. It always does.

When things get bad – and stay bad for long enough – people eventually give up on the promises of politicians and lose faith in the fleeting miracles of our free markets. Eventually they always turn back to God.

And so it was today in Toledo, Ohio where a group of people from as far away as D.C. gathered at a local gas station to pray for lower fuel prices.

As cars surged steadily down McCord Road, a familiar melody rose from the circle of people beside the gas pumps at the Exxon-Mobil station on the corner of Hill Avenue.

“He’s got the gas prices, in His hands. He’s got the gas prices, in His hands …”

Heads bowed and hands clasped, Rocky Twyman and the congregants of his small worship session hoped to do what the country’s leaders haven’t: Put an end to the steep increase in national fuel prices.