It’s pretty clear now that the new site is really just a Google Adwords scam trying to capitalize off of the popularity of the SockObama story. I had an email conversation with the original manufacturer who bailed on the project, Binkley Toys, and they told me they have nothing to do with this new site and their former customer the Lawson’s do not either.

In fact, the McCain doll supposedly available is actually a doll designed by Binkley for another customer. I hear they are actually a huge publishing firm who will actually crush anyone using that image. So for those who are sending any money using PayPal expecting a SockObama or SockMcCain doll, good luck with that.

I’m also having conversations with Binkley about something that might be pretty exciting for us Obama supporters and those who were outraged by the racist Obama monkey.

Stay tuned…

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