Since the GOP can’t seem to find any other candidate, why not run one who has actually done the job before? It got me wondering, so I checked his URL There’s no site there, but the whois information seems to have been updated today and lists New Media Communications as the Administrative and Technical contacts. New Media is a well known GOPer web shop.

If the domain were dormant and just sitting there, why would information be updated as of today? I’m not sure if New Media had worked with Jim in the past, but he’s not listed on their very thorough list of clients.

So is Jim Petro gonna give it another go? This half makes sense since he could run as a pseudo-incumbent and he’s not seen as a rabid right winger, which has shown to be a loser for the ORP up to this point. Ken Blackwell anyone?

I’m sure someone can dig into this further. I’ve no time. Could be fun though, no?

  • Evan

    It is possible, but it is also just as plausible this reflects a yearly renewal of the web address, or a change in hosting. I only say this because the date of original creation (6/14) and the date of update (6/15 from what is said when I clicked ‘Underlying Registry Data’) are almost the same.

    Or it could mean something bigger as you suggest.

  • Yeah, it’s probably nothing.

  • J-Dog

    I realize this is an old thread, but it seemed the most appropriate place to bring this up. It’s beginning to sound more and more to me like Petro is done with the GOP. His father-in-law and mother-in-law live in Seneca County, and they switched their party affiliation to the Democratic Party this spring. For locals here, that is a stunning development. No one in Tiffin, Ohio WAS more staunch a Republican as Mr. and Mrs. Don Bero, the Petro in-laws.

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