So why would Obama staff prevent two women wearing Hijabs from being behind Barack while speaking in Detroit? The easy answer is the staffers overreacting and that would be correct.

The real answer is the climate that the right desires to create around Obama and the hard political reality that comes with this. The fear and loathing these people bring to the table causes a knee jerk reaction in many that make otherwise good people make poor decisions. It’s sick. It’s why they must be defeated. With extreme prejudice. Then we can go about living up to the nation our founding fathers envisioned. Until then we must be ever vigilant.

If there were no GOP, there would be no reason to worry about the appearance of two women in Hajibs at a political event. If there were no Muslim smears and preachers like Rod Parsley stirring up his faithful flock into a frothing mass of Muslim haters, we’d be able to live as one without keeping up appearances.

But alas, we have them. So support Barack Obama for President and do everything in your power to make sure he is able to beat back the trolls of politics past.

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