Apparently, having a Republican heap praise on a Democrat running for President is not so good for another Republican who happens to be running for the same job. Back during the primary, Illinois State Senator Kirk Dillard (R-Hinsdale) was featured in an Obama ad talking about how the Senator did great work in Illinois getting both sides to work together (ie: get shit done).

John McCain has but the kibosh on any of that kind of talk. The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Dillard has sent a letter to Obama strategist David Axelrod asking him not to use any of the footage shot with him in any ads in the general election. The Obama camp has said they will not.

Not surprisingly, Republicans were pissed back then when Kirk did the honorable thing and told the truth about Barack Obama’s service in the Illinois Senate. His response to these critics is something we should remember:

“I owe it to the American public and my friend, Sen. Obama, to tell the truth, for better or for worse, [about] what were the early years of his elected life in Springfield,” Dillard said recently. “In many ways, because he is the first African-American to have a realistic chance of being the president, I owe it to everyone to not be partisan in my reflections upon what was Sen. Obama’s record in a city in which Abraham Lincoln lived.”

Yes, Senator. You should tell the truth. Thanks for doing so. Took great courage.

I guess the stories of John McCain not getting this new media thing (along with staff) are true. I mean doesn’t the Senator understand that we on teh Interwebs can slice and dice Kirk’s ad spot any way we wish and that if it is desired to be seen it will?

:10 – :15 in this :30 spot:

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