Earlier I wondered if the retooled SockPoliticans site was for real. There are so many mixed signals. First David Lawson puts an apology up on their old SockObama website. Then they are selling them. Then they aren’t. Then they are “exploring options”. Now they are retooling as SockPoliticians? Let’s be clear here. Just because you toss together some other monkeys (McCain appears to be an old Orangutan or something), it doesn’t make your racist Obama doll any less offensive. Period. You continue down this path to your ridicule. Pressure from Plunderbund won’t go away anytime soon.

So here’s the confirmation email I get when I signed up for updates from the new site:

Dear Eric,

Thank you for signing up for the SockPoliticians product updates list. We look forward to providing you with more politically incorrect SockPoliticians toys. Stay tuned for the new SockHillary and SockBush plush novelties. SockPoliticians.com sockpoliticians@gmail.com

Maybe they can explain what is politically incorrect about the McCain doll versus the Obama doll. They’re racists. We know they’re racists. THEY know they’re racists. So let’s understand the ground rules going in. David and Elizabeth Lawson of West Jordan, Utah are professed politically incorrect racist pigs. Maybe they should make dolls of the company owners portrayed as pigs with white hoods?

They won’t answer any of my other questions via email, so we’ll just have to keep using teh Internets to smoke ’em out. 😉

You can send your letters of protest (always polite and respectful) to:

David J Lawson
8821 S Deep Creek Dr
West Jordan, UT 84088

Or you might even send a nice gift for their efforts. I hear elephant poo is a popular choice.

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