Thanks again to Snowe for pointing us to this interview with David Lawson, the guy responsible for making the racist sock obama monkey doll.

You can get the MP3 file here, or listen to it now:


In it Mr. Lawson again says “we did not want to cause a controversy” but then claims he changed his mind after his “rights and liberties came into question”.

Yes David Lawson, you have the right to say racist crap and make racist toys. Ain’t America great?

He then goes on to attempt to explain that he just doesn’t “think like that”- i.e. like a racist, I suppose.

The host explains the history of dehumanizing blacks by representing them as monkeys to David, who responds by saying “we had no knowledge of these connotations.” “We just don’t think like that. We’re not those kind of people. So it’s surprising to hear that.”

Surprising to hear that some people would be offended by a big-lipped monkey doll representing a black man? Really?

The host goes on to politely say that it’s kind of hard to believe he never thought that representing a black man as a monkey is racist, to which David responds:

“I’ve spoken to numbers of people in the Utah, Salt Lake area and I’m proud to say that they don’t think that way either.”

Ah- the old “my friends don’t think it’s racist either” excuse. Good one, Dave.

And to you and your racist friends, David, I dedicate this song…

“You can’t shake the devil’s hand then say you’re only kidding”, David.

Oh! And make sure you listen to the last minute or so where David tries to explain that only people who believe in evolution will find this offensive.

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