Very good decision. Why would you limit yourself to less than 100 million when you’ve already taken 250? In a primary? You don’t. Especially since there will likely be more as the movement of $25-$100 donations continues. We are not even close to tapped out, those of us who gave up to $100.

$50 your way Senator. Anyone serious about change should signal their support of this decision to be financed by us and donate today!

McCain is toast from a fundraising standpoint. It’s the main reason – despite all the reformer straight talk BS – that he wanted desperately to corner Obama into taking public funds. No dice, John. Let’s belly up to the bar of public opinion and see who can raise the most money. How ’bout that? His only hope will be the slimeball 527s, and boy will they pile it on! You better believe it. All the more reason to hit the donate button!

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