Update: For all those in Cbus awaiting the 7/11 date, I just spoke with the Landmark “Gateway 8” theater (south campus) and they won’t be playing it then. It is being pushed back a week, so expect it on 7/18 or that weekend.

I’m a big Hunter S. Thompson fan. He was from my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky so it’s no real surprise. I came to him later than I did Muhammad Ali (also from Louisville). I’ve been a lifelong fan of Ali. It’s probably best I came to Hunter late. If I had read him in High School who knows what would have become of me. I remember first reading Hunter on a business trip and not being able to put the damned book down. I read at dinner, at the bar, back in the room, and snuck in pages even while working. His style, whit, and storytelling ability hooked me. He’s been an inspiration in my writing and activism since.

So it’s no surprise then that I jump at the opportunity to screen the upcoming film “Gonzo: The Life and Times of Hunter S. Thompson”. The film is directed by Alex Gibney, who was the executive producer of “No End in Sight“, which was excellent.

I can’t wait to see and will get out to see it in either Dayton or Columbus when it comes out. The Ohio dates are:

7/11 – Cleveland Heights, OH: Cedar Lee Theatres
7/11 – Columbus, OH: Gateway 8
7/18 – Dayton, OH: New Neon Movies

Here is the trailer:

For more information on the movie, visit the official site. If anyone is up for a night out, let me know and we’ll grab some beers and toast the good doctor!


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