Hard to tell if this is for real or not. Domain is registered via proxy. Paypal link doesn’t work. If it were for real you’d think they’d be processing orders like mad given all the attention. It’s probably a joke (decent one, actually). Probably trying to earn some quick cash on Google Ads.


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  • Don’t ya think that if the inventor was trying to be racist that he would of made a zebra to represent Barack?

  • This site is live and is selling the Sock Obama & McCain. Thank you for the support.

  • Suzanne

    I suggest that we crash their new mailbox which is sockpoliticians@gmail.com I emailed and got a canned response from them. They appear to be very slow learners.

  • @2: Fuck you racist pig. We don’t “support” you. We ridicule people like you. More coming.

    You had a chance to do the right thing, but you blew it. You should have taken Binkley Toy’s lead on this one.

    Let’s get ready to rumble.

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  • Dave

    I am not sure how a Politician monkey doll is racist. I think most politicians should be in a zoo anyway. How is the McCain doll racist? Sounds like the Obama supporters are not for freedom of opinion.

  • Dave is very much confused how a monkey doll depicting the first black candidate for United States President could be mistakenly thought to be racist.

    Nobody that I know of are claiming the McCain doll as racist, just cover for selling the other racist one.

    Obama supporters are for freedom of opinion, but it stops short at freedom of bigoty and racism.

    This really is not that hard.

  • Dave

    So I heard Obama was mostly Middle Eastern Decent not African American. How will he be the 1st Black President?

  • @8: That’s what you heard, huh? Are you a complete fucking idiot then who believe everything he hears?

    You might be right. He may be “mostly Middle Eastern” due to be born of a father from Kenya. That would mean you consider Kenya a part of the Middle East. That would also make you a complete fucking idiot.

    …which all may be the case!

    Everyone meet Dave from Mexico, who apparently thinks Kenya is in the Middle East.

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