This just in via email. Again, Binkley Toy (the outfit the SockObama Company had prototype their product) has done and is doing the right thing in steadfastly refusing to produce this racist piece of crap toy. Rob appears to be a real stand up guy and always has answered our questions quickly once contacted. Here is his note in full:


If any of your reporters are writing about the Sock Obama I would ask you to please state something very clearly. My company, Binkley Toys Inc. is not, and will not be proceeding with manufacturing the Sock Obama toy.

If the toy idea owners decide to continue they will be doing so on their own.

We are still getting negative emails about this and I ask the writers (the less vulgar ones) where they are still reading about this, and one reference so far is,5143,700234525,00.html

The reference to our company, in that article, is vague as far as our intentions on moving forward.

I hesitate posting a public link on our site, since the reach of this is still very small. I am at a business conference in Baltimore with many elite business people, some from Utah, and they had not heard of this story yet. I am guessing that will change though and I do not want my company name to be associated with this product anymore.

Thank you.

Rob Bishop
Binkley Custom Products

Thanks Rob!

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