The latest Poll from Public Policy Polling shows Barack Obama with a 50 to 39 lead over John McCain in Ohio…

Obama leads by equal margins among men and women, and has a four point lead with white voters while also holding a dominant 75-21 advantage with African Americans.

“Barack Obama appears to be enjoying a strong unity bounce in Ohio,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “He begins the general election campaign in a strong position in the state, and Ohio is one place where putting Senator Clinton on the ticket seems likely to give him a boost.”

PPP also found that Republican Senator George Voinovich could be vulnerable to a challenge in 2010 from Democratic Congressmen Tim Ryan and Betty Sutton.

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  • U N I T Y!

    I don’t think he needs Clinton on the ticket in Ohio. But he is going to need Ted and the biggest Obama fan in the state now Chris Redfern. I hope those guys step up big. I’m counting on it (and I won’t let them forget it if they don’t).

    We’re watching guys. Let’s do this.

  • Do not forget that PPP is the group that has 7-13 point mistakes often, and they are labled as a democrat polling group

  • They did have McCain leading in Ohio last time- before the dem nomination was resolved.

  • They were wrong then too. Obama was winning THEN, but not now. Or something.

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