If you needed any indication of the slime that is going to be tossed in the next few months during the Presidential Election, one need look no further than Jeff Gannon (outed male hooker fake reporter) and Larry Sinclair (lying smear merchant seeking 5 minutes of fame) coming together at the National Press Club. No pun intended.

The National Press Club is going to give this lunatic the stage to do what? Spout his deranged nonsense about Obama having a drug induced homosexual affair? Please.

You will remember back in January we told you about this nut case. I’m surprised he’s still around, much less getting any more attention.

Hold on to your seats change fans. Turning this ship around is going to be tougher than it looks. Keep hard charging. Full ahead flank!

(ht BI)

Action Item: Call the National Press Club (Sylvia Smith, President) at 202-662-7500, and tell them they need to deny an outlet for this smear merchant to slander a candidate running for President and a sitting Senator with absolutely no basis in fact.

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