A new Washington Post-ABC News Poll has Barack Obama (48%) maintaining a solid lead over McCain (42%).

Other findings from the poll suggest the Democrats are going to win big this fall.

52% said they’d vote for the Democratic candidate in their congressional district (37% said Republican).

68% said they disapprove of the job President Bush is doing- include 54% who said they STRONGLY disapprove.

84% say the country is on the wrong track.

33% think the most important issue think is the Economy and Jobs. 19% chose the Iraq war. Only 2% select taxes, 2% abortion, 2% “family values” and 0% selected Iran.

63% think the war in Iraq was NOT worth fighting.

55% think we should withdraw our forces from Iraq.

only 38% think we are winning the war in Iraq.

77% say fuel prices are causing a hardship on their family.

63% have a favorable opinion of Barack Obama (56% McCain).

52% trust Obama to handle the economy (36% for McCain). Obama also wins in Gas prices, women’s issues, the environment, energy policy, and yes, even taxes! The only category McCain wins is “The U.S. campaign against terrorism”

McCain and Obama tie for “stronger leader” – each with 46%. Obama whips McCain in the rest including: bring change to watching, represents your personal values, better understands your problems and stands up to lobbyists.

50% think “new direction and new ideas” is more important than “strength and experience” (43%).

50% think Obama has the experience to be an effective president.

57% think McCain will continue the policies of George W. Bush.

66% said Providing healthcare for all Americans is more important than holding down taxes (31% said taxes).

It doesn’t get much better than that, kids!