We all know it. You know it. I know it. The operative campaign current running through the McCain for President campaign is racism.

But it sure is surprising to hear people just come on out and say it:

A few delegates can’t stomach McCain.

Delegate Gregory Banville of Houston, a supporter of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul for president, plans to vote for Libertarian Party nominee Bob Barr, a former U.S. House member.

Banville called McCain weak, saying, “I don’t see how he has a chance at all unless people vote only because they don’t like black people.”

Texas GOP delegate just puts it out there. Remember Greg when you see and hear all the coded language. All the sock monkey dolls. All the talk about working class voters who supported Hillary in the south.

A buddy of mine said to me last night that by November you’ll be able to run an entire blog based on nothing more than the racism that will come from the right. He’s got that right.

(ht Blue Texan at FDL)

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  • As I have pointed out time and time again, Race only helps Obama

    Hell, the SPLC even says that the far-right neo-nazi parties are voting Obama.

  • Yes, we know Robert. Geraldine Ferraro has already told us race only helps Obama. Thanks for the link to your incredibly insightful post.

    “According to several articles, whites are behind Obama due to two things: white guilt, and the honor of voting for a black man. Both are racist, and both help Obama.” – what a bunch of nonsense. If you can’t see white support of Obama transcending race (not to mention black support), then you need to stop paying attention to politics all together. You’re bad at it.

    The argument that black support of Obama is inherently racist is complete nonsense. There is a big difference in voting against someone and voting for someone based on race alone. One might involve wanting to be represented by someone that shares your common bond of race. The other may involve…um…racism?

    Would you equate people wanting to support the Catholic candidate as being anti-semitic? Of course not. Or maybe the men who support Obama are all sexist? You probably wouldn’t make that argument. Why make the argument that blacks supporting Obama are racists?

    Think before you equate the two. It’s never as simple as you think. It may not necessarily be that whites who voted against Obama are racist, but I have an easier time believing it has an influence when thinking in terms of voting against Obama instead of for the other person.

    I’m white and I support Obama. Has fuck all to do with any guilt. Has a great deal to do with love of country and a desire to see us be a bright shining example to the world, instead of the steaming pile of elephant dung we’ve been up to now. Pun intended.

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  • Robert Barga

    First, the SPLC did say the neo-right groups are voting Obama due to what they think will happen.

    Otherwise, Voting because of race, no matter what reason therein, is racist.

  • @4: Just because you say it doesn’t make it so Robert. People are free to vote for those they most relate to. It doesn’t mean it is necessarily racist.

    Those voting AGAINST someone merely because of their race does seem racist. We can agree to disagree on that characterization, though.

  • Robert Barga

    As long as you agree that voting for a white person because you are white is not racist as well then we do agree

  • I said agree to disagree. Don’t think we are agreeing here.

  • Robert Barga

    That is cool, good arguing though…

    that said, here is the source i was referencing before:

  • seeker

    The November election is for the communists and socialists to grab the complete power of the US Government. See the line up of third parties and interest groups behind Obama:

    Democratic Socialists of America
    Communist Party of USA
    Progressive Alliance
    AFL-CIO (labor militancy undermining productivity; America’s becoming like Germany)
    Young Democratic Socialists
    Young Communist League
    Black Radicals
    Jewish Radicals
    Christian Radicals (Christian Democrats of Europe are actually socialists)
    University professors with socialist leaning, esp. Hyde Park Chicago where Obama came from.

    These groups are recruiting so fast and as a very successful rate.

    After the Cold War, communism has transformed itself into a more palatable form: anti-war, equality of gender/race/sexual orientation, radicalism of the poor, labor militarism, freedom of religion/freedom from religion (whichever suits you), militarism of the poor (class war), anti public enterprise, greater government control both of economy of way of life, etc. Sadly, Patriotism and Love of Country are not included, why:

    modern communists believe in collectivism and progressive actions that will lead to One Global Government, and like the ones in Europe. Making America a socialist country is the major strategy for integration.

    I understand that there is an opposition against Iraq War. But siding with interest groups of Anti-American rhetorics is too unrepublican.

    Obama is a protege of New Party, who was endorsed by Democratic Socialists of America in Chicago

    Harrington of CPUSA has succeeded in destroying the Democratic Party by fusion strategy.

    Somehow McCarthy is right. Communist has invaded America.

    I appeal to all republicans, to setaside your differences at the momemnt and rally with the candidate with most chance (but still nil given the above enumerated forces) and just for once, rectify the danger where this country is the heading for.

    I believe the difference can be worke out later. But this is not the time for finger pointing and blame game. Let us accept that Republican Party much also be attuned and redefine itself according to the new realities in American demography.

    Or else, by November, we will be witnessing a new milestone,
    the birth of Socialist America.

    If that happens, we fail both Reagan and JFK. Somehow, to save this country, you also need to revive the dead Democratic Party of old.

    Democratic Party is not really your enemy. It helps Republicans balance its policies and economic strategies, the reason for Reagan’s success and even Clinton’s success in terms of economy.

    Given the control of the socialist and some obviously unpatriotic democrats of the congress, there is only one hope: Keep the White House away from the socialists.

  • seeker



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