The SockObama people (as expected) were approached by some racist wingnuts who want to see the doll go into production. Not a big surprise. What is surprising is they seem to be hinting that they may take advantage of “other opportunities that have presented themselves”. AFTER apologizing. I guess they had buyer’s remorse on their heartfelt reversal in intent to produce a racist product for financial gain.

What they said on Sunday:

We are very apologetic to all who were upset by our toy idea.
We will not be proceeding with the manufacturing of this toy.
Thank you.

What they are saying as of Tuesday:

But Monday afternoon, the creators, David and Elizabeth Lawson, told the Deseret News that “a few new opportunities have been presented” for the production of the monkey.

You people need to make up your minds. Are you apologetic racists who will not be making the dolls or unapologetic racists who will? Right now you look like waffling racists.

All I can tell you is if you build it? We will come. Harder. And in more numbers than before. We will, as you say in wonderful Bulwer-Lytton prose, we will form “an electronic battery of fiery darts flowed swiftly but silently through the veins of technology.”

You can put that in the bank at least, if not profits from racist dolls! Don’t say Eric didn’t warn you.

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  • Bee

    Your information is incorrect. The toy company apologized and pulled the product…not the inventors.

  • Who are you “Bee” and why do you know?

    First of all, the site still has the above apology and says “our toy idea”. Do the “inventers” not own the web site?

  • You can still buy the SockObama at

  • Well, no you can’t really. You can give them money, but it’s most likely a scam. The Lawson’s are not behind this new site and it appears to be just a Google Ad magnet. I wouldn’t Paypal them any money that’s for sure.

    They don’t have a manufacturer and if they did they’d get sued by the Lawson’s for copyright infringement!

  • Ken Camp

    I ordered an Obama sock doll seven weeks ago from these clowns. Have not received it yet. I spotted another customer who has never received his doll, and the Lawsons have not responded to his e-mails. I suspect the whole thing might be a fraud.

    Ken Camp, Los Angeles

  • Andrew

    I just got my obama monkey from It took about 2 months to get. But I got it.

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