In case there were any feminist outliers who wanted to think about voting for John McCain over Barack Obama due to perceived treatment of Hillary Clinton:

Clayton Williams is a prominent person in Texas politics. Prominent enough to secure the GOP gubernatorial election in 1990. During this election campaign he said various things that decent people find abhorrent, such as joking about rape that “As long as it’s inevitable, you might as well lie back and enjoy it.” These remarks were publicized in Texas and perhaps played a role in Williams’ 1990 loss. But this is a big country, and there are lots of non-decent people out there. Thus, Williams was tapped as a fundraiser for John McCain and put together an event that was going to raise $300,00 for McCain.

Event gets cancelled. 300k is alot. Uncancelled. Bundled. Blah.

If you give two shits about women’s issues you will fervently work to defeat McCain and defend Obama at every turn. If we end up with McCain, we won’t be lying back and taking it, we’ll be bent over…for 4 more years. Think about it.

(via Atlantic)

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