It appears we have a complete and total Plunderbund victory. I haven’t felt this good since gay baiting Bill Ritter went down in flames.

So first the contract manufacturer bails out over the uproar. Now the site is proclaiming they won’t be seeking another manufacturer to make any either. I’d say Joseph did a good job of getting this out there and squashed like it deserved. Kudos to my fellow Plundermonkey (no pun intended).

…which leads my cynical ass to wonder if the whole thing wasn’t a ploy to get a racist theme into the media.

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  • Y.A.Y!

    At one point yesterday, the website couldn’t keep up with the requests, and seemed to shut down!

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  • Oh no. I wasn’t a ploy Eric. Having transplanted from Boston in the Salt Lake Valley 15 years ago, I can assure you, they were dead serious.

    The secretive and dominate culture so infuses this culture with a sense of superiority, exceptionalism really.

    All of which lends itself to a kind of righteousness. The average Mormon “knows” something for SURE, that no one else knows.

    The combination results in a toxicating brew of immunization from the mainstream’s standards of political correctness. (think about it. Do those polygamist wives (texas) seem embarrassed? I think not.

    Add to that the Wild Wild West gold rush get rich quick mentality, and you get dead serious first-time entreprenuers.

    For more flavor of the place, just google out state senator “Chris buttars” who happens to represent the same district as the Lawsons.

    Nice job on the story!

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