Just got a note from the company who was hired to prototype the sock obama doll (a story Joseph first broke here at PB). It appears Binkley Toys is taking the right step in not making the doll. Good on them! Full note is below:

A Statement
My name is Rob Bishop, I am the owner of Binkley Toys Inc. and this is my website.

My company, Binkley Toys Inc. has not manufactured the SockObama in production. (more then one toy)

My company was involved in prototyping the SockObama doll as a “work for hire” manufacturer.

Before the publics reaction to The SockObama doll myself and my staff did not make the racist connection that has been made. Our job day in and day out is to make safe, high quality and fun toys. The idea of making a nostalgic sock monkey brought back fond memories of toys from the past.

After the publics reaction I personally was very surprised at that connection (yes, you can accuse me of being naive) but when viewing the toy again, I could see how people could make that connection. That is sad really but that is the way the world works.

An Update
The update is, that myself and Binkley Toys Inc. will not be proceeding with manufacturing the SockObama toy. As I wrote to several people over email, my company is not just about ‘dollars’ and Binkley Toys Inc. prides itself on it’s social responsibility. Again, we have not manufactured any quantity in production of this toy idea.

An Apology
Through the past couple of days I was hoping to find the ‘mistake’ my company made and I believe the only mistake would have been to keep going. There was no ill will, or negative intent in helping to design this toy. To proceed in to manufacturing this toy and to cause harm would have been the
error. I personally apologize to anyone who found this toy idea offensive and I am sorry I did not make the negative connection myself.

Thank you to everyone who emailed well thought out messages stating in a logical manner your displeasure with this toy. I tried to respond to each and everyone of you personally. Thank you for not sending vulgar messages on a first attempt to contact me. To those who decided that my company was guilty before your inquiry, well I wish you strength in your life.


Rob Bishop
Binkley Toys Inc.

The statement is also posted at their website.

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  • That is really awesome. I would love to meet this gentleman.

    Nice work, Plunderbund crew. Thank you for the primary source work.

  • I agree, Jill. I was really glad to see them take this step. It speaks well of the company. I hope those on the side of this being racist were not as vitriolic as those wingnuts who commented in Joe’s original thread. It was disgusting. Letting some of the comments through was a tough call, but highlighting the fact that these opinions exist does have some value.

    We have to be better than they at every turn. I can honestly see how someone with tunnel vision in making plush toys could originally not see the offensive nature of this doll, but I’m really glad they stepped back and thought it through.

  • …and good work to Joseph on breaking this open and shedding light on it.

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  • @#2 Eric – again, it’s not much different from the anti-immigrant or sexist folks saying, “what anti-immigrant sentiment?” or “what sexism?” I would actually say that this toy manufacturer might be a model for others – he intimate that he didn’t see it but when presented with the way others were seeing it, he made the choice to say, “wow – this is really bothering some people and I can see that – I’m not going to keep provoking that or be a part of it.”

    That does take something, rather than digging in and continuing to ridicule the opposite side. Like I said, I’d sure like to know more about him – I think Obama himself should meet s a person like that – to hear about, see what it takes to help others see what we saw.

  • I agree, Jill.

    I’m glad the manufacturer stepped up since the seller seemed to be enjoying the press a little too much.

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  • Mag

    May I ask why no one did this for the Hillary nutcracker?

  • A new statement from the Sock Obama a-holes

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  • Love

    Wow, it is really getting sad for the republicans! Its even beginning to be hilarious. They will do anything to bring Obama down. But nothing will stop him or our country from being great! Not even this stupid toy!
    Ha Ha !

  • I saw this at San Diego Comic Con this year. a superman obama toy. http://www.captainobama.com

    looks kinda cool and not racist. Go Obama!

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