Above is NOT a typo. Welcome to bizarro world, where black is white and white is black…and what you thought you knew you don’t know or the knowns have become the unknowns or some such:

In an informal Esquire survey, three out of four white supremacists prefer Obama, while McCain is the clear favorite among black nationalists. (Sure, our methodology suffered from an extraordinarily low sample size — limited to four white supremacists and one black nationalist — but just because it wouldn’t fly with Gallup doesn’t mean there ain’t a kernel of truth in there.

Maybe this explains why Scott Pullins is defending Tim Russo lately. There must be some kind of magnetic imbalance or something within the cosmos. For those visiting us from outside of the inside baseball world of the Ohiosphere, Scott Pullins is a legendary right-leaning attorney who is famous now for being the one to carry the smear water against our popular Governor Ted Strickland intimating he was gay. Tim Russo is a highly respected, but oft maligned progressive/left-leaning blogger. Oil meets water, so to speak. This is the world we live in.