The outrage over the Obama Sock Monkey has blown up the past few days – out of the blogs and into the national press.

I know it’s hard to tell where these things start sometimes- so let me clarify: it started right here at Plunderbund last Wednesday.

From what I’ve seen so far only KCPW – a radio station in Salt Lake City – has correctly identified PB as the original source of the info and given us the proper credit. (Props to them for the reference and the link.)

Somewhere after that the Plunderbund-as-source information seems to have gotten lost.

Not a big deal, I suppose.

It’s certainly nice to see big name outlets like NY Magazine finally picking up the story even if they don’t know we broke it.

But before I see this on CNN’s American Morning I fully expect Kiran Chetry to come back from her baby leave to interview me for the story.