I’m sure State Rep Tyrone Yates has a good reason for sponsoring a new bill ( HB 568 ) that would outlaw pit bulls in Ohio.

Maybe he was attacked. Or a family member. Or maybe he just watches too much local news.

I’m sure his intentions are good – but man is the execution bad.

Here’s the important part:

Sec. 955.111. (A) Beginning ninety days after the effective date of this section, no person shall own, keep, or harbor a dog that belongs to a breed that is commonly known as a pit bull dog.

(B) Not later than ninety days after the effective date of this section, a person who owns, keeps, or harbors a pit bull dog on the effective date of this section shall surrender the dog to the dog warden. Not later than ten days after receiving the dog, the dog warden shall euthanize the dog.

Obviously, there are two big problems here.

1. he wants to take away people’s pets

2. then he wants to KILL THOSE PETS

Jeez, Tyrone! That’s harsh, man.

Obviously pit bulls can be dangerous. So can any dog if it’s trained to be aggressive.

Here’s a better suggestion: increase the penalties for failing to secure animals and for animal abuse- especially dog fighting and neglect.