We’ve got more anti-immigrant legislation working its way through the House.

This time it’s from our favorite old coot Bill Batchelder in the form of H.B. 409.

If passed, the bill would “require that commercial driver’s license tests be given in English.” ( Currently the test is given in 7 different languages. )

Do I really need to explain why this is a bad idea?

It does nothing to help non-native English speakers integrate into English-speaking society and it discriminates against would-be drivers on the basis of national origin.

It’s also really bad for business. Foreign companies do not want to locate in a state that creates barriers for skilled foreign workers and their families.

I understand why xenophobic Republicans support this kind of anti-immigrant legislation, but could someone please explain to me why two Democrats ( John Otterman and Sandra Harwood ) are cosponsoring it?

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  • Why pass such a bill?

    Maybe because it would be good if those driving large trucks could read and understand the signs and communicate?

    Nah, can’t be…

  • Being able to understand street signs – which are supposed to universal and image-based anyway – is not the same thing as being able to understand complex test questions and answers.

    And there is already a section of the test dedicated to street signs that covers that requirement.

    So why pass such a bill?

    The answer is simple: to appeal working-class white voters who believe their economic woes are caused by mexicans stealing their jobs.

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