The LA Times ran an interesting piece this morning about John McCain’s lack of support among social conservatives in Ohio.

I found it especially interesting that the McCain people are now trying to avoid associations with wing-nuts like Phil Burress – even though they worked hard to get his endorsement during the primary.

After a recent meeting with McCain’s team Burress is quoted as saying “He doesn’t want to associate with us and we don’t want to associate with him.”

Honestly, this makes me like McCain more- mainly because I have nothing but disgust for Phil Burress. But I’m not sure his strategy his going to work.

McCain’s appeal to middle-of-the-road independents is a big change from Bush and Rove’s successful strategy of energizing the social conservative base of the Republican party.

It certainly does make McCain seem like less of a nut but I’m fairly confident it will keep a lot of conservatives home in November.

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