I guess the recent polling results released by the Kilroy campaign have Stivers running scared.

In an attempt to recast himself as a moderate to central Ohio’s voters, Republican Steve Stivers announced his 5-point “energy security policy” that, not surprisingly, sounds a hell of a lot like something a Democrat might propose.

As a matter of fact, half of his plan sounds very similar to Mary Jo Kilroy’s positions. (note: Kilroy and Stivers are competing for Ohio’s 15th congressional district seat )

In addition to investing 100 billion in alternative energy research to drive to growth of “green collar” jobs, Stivers also proposes raising fuel economy standards.

You can run to the middle, Steve. But we all know who you really are.

A video of the announcement is included below but I warn you: it’s kind of painful to watch.

Poor quality video. Random car and pedestrian traffic in the background. No teleprompter. A long speech typed out word-for-word on 10 sheets of paper.

I’m sure some people might even find it funny.

Personally, I felt kind of bad for the guy when I watched it.