The PD blog’s Stephen Koff posted yesterday about a group called the Ohio Effective Government Project (OEGP) that was responsible for making robocalls for Deborah Pryce back in 2006.

Breaking with tradition, the PD blog actually gave another blogger credit for discovering the robocalls- namely ME! They even included a link. (welcome to the world of blog courtesy, guys)

At the time I posted audio of the robocall along with a link to OGEP’s finance reports which had yet to be filed.

The information is now there – though it’s much too late to really be useful.

Stephen makes a good point about 527 groups and the fact that they can file their finance reports after the election:

it means that an outside group, funded quietly by individuals with vast wealth — and with disclosure only after the fact — can indeed influence politics and elections

And it seems like this group and their calls may actually have helped Pryce win that really close election against Mary Jo Kilroy. (Pryce won by a little over a thousand votes).

To be honest, there isn’t too much in the finance reports that is surprising.

The big donors are Carl Lindner and John McConnell – always reliable financial supporters of Republican candidates and causes.

But there is one interesting expense:

$55,000 for Telephone Bank Services paid to … The Pullins Group

Thanks for the robocall, Scott.

  • Imagine that. Scott Pullins involved in slimeball political machinations.

    Shocked, I am!

  • And you thought you were special because his wife called you.

    It turns out the pullins family has called everyone in central ohio.

  • dirtgirl

    This makes me so mad. Basically Lindner donated $200K to Deborah Pryce’s campaign! How is that legal?? If it is, we can only assume republicans will do it in every key race in the fall.

  • It may sound harsh, but at at least John McConnell died this year.

    And Lidner is 89 so he’s probably headed to that big board room in the sky himself some time soon.

    At least in Ohio, the GOP seems to get their money from a few really rich and really old donors.

    In a few more years they should all be dead.

    And that is certainly a change *I* can believe in.

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