I’m sure the people who haven’t come to grips with the results will consider this another example of the “anti-Clinton media bias”, but I think this is a pretty fair assessment.

Last November, at about seven in the morning, I remember trying to ask Hillary Clinton a quick question as she swept out of a hotel in Des Moines, Iowa, and into a waiting car.

Her press people said the BBC would not buy any favours with the Clinton team by shoving a microphone under the former first lady’s nose.

Instead they said we might like to drive across town, to the Drake Diner on 25th Street, where we could film Senator Clinton having breakfast.

There we found her chatting to some people just off the nightshift – people among her core constituency.

The thing that I remember most was her failure to look people in the eye as she spoke to them.

There was nothing shifty about this.

I was just surprised she was not a little better at the personal touch.