So wtf with that speech? She floats a VP story today then doesn’t concede when it is clear Obama clinched enough delegates to win the nomination? She doesn’t really want a VP slot. So what DOES Hillary want?

Her speech was far from something that I’d think would settle her folks down and get them on the O-train.

Obama is being very gracious in his speech right now and is doing his part to bring them aboard, but as I’ve said ad nauseum at this point: the only person who really can do that is Hillary. She didn’t step up tonight. She continues to disappoint.

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  • Found on the intertubes (comment section of a pro-Clinton blog)…

    Obama has 2119, he needs 2118 to win nomination. For now, he has 2119. For now. Two of those 2119 are hospitalized, Kennedy and Byrd. What then?

    Clinton supporters have left the reality-based community. Actually they left a long time ago, and Clinton isn’t doing anything to help nudge them back into the reality-based community. It’s sad.

  • It is sad. But remember that you can find almost anything on the interwebs. I would hope that this type of thinking is not indicative of the average Clinton supporter/apologist.

    I am just so happy that here in Ohio Jill Zimon, Modern Esquire, Chris Redfern, and others became the biggest Obama supporters last night. Just so happy.


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