Today’s news about the Clinton campaign really gives one the impression that things are about to end…

According to hotline today will be Bill Clinton’s last day on the campaign trail.

Firstread reports that Clinton will be holding her “Election Night celebration” in New York City- not in Montana or South Dakota where the elections are actually being held.

And Politico reports that the Clinton campaign is dumping some of its advance staff.

It it just me- or does it sound like Tuesday will be the big day.

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  • Modern Esquire

    By some “amazing coincidence” Obama also plans on being in NYC tomorrow too.

    I bet Hillary has tricked her with the ol’ “I’ll drop out if you do” syke.

    Our long blogging nightmare may finally be over.

  • It’s my understanding that Obama is going to be in Minnesota on Tuesday night (site of the GOP convention).

    But Clinton and Obama are both scheduled to be in NYC on Wednesday.

    Maybe they’ll announce they are teaming up for November.

    Or maybe they are going to have a drinking contest to see who is less of an elitist and more deserving of the nomination.

  • dirtgirl

    In that case, Joe, you should host a Jim Beam drinking contest at Mulligan’s. Least elitist place in NYC.

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