I wish I had something cogent to say to this, but I just don’t. I’m literally left speechless.

  • evie

    Clinton threw gasoline on this fire. It’s not surprising her most out-there supporters are blowing up.

  • Wow. I join you in your speechlessness.

    …but lets open our hearts and minds to these types of voters and hear them in an attempt to win them over.


  • J-Dog

    Just goes to show you how urgent the need is for health care reform. This woman is clearly suffering from Alzheimers and is bipolar, and left untreated she’ll vote for McCain!

  • What did she say her name was? Something Christian?

    I want to look her up in the finance reports to prove she is actually a Republican hired by the McCain camp.

  • Paul

    She donated $200.00 to Hillary Clinton and that’s all.

  • ah! I haven’t been following the whole thing.

    Is she the one who yelled “No, YOU shut up!” ?

  • J-Dog


    If she WAS the one who shouted that, I’ll lay heavy odds on her being Bill O’Reilly’s mother.

  • tim russo


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