I started watching the DNC rules committee meeting this morning.

Then I went fishing.

I came back and watched some more.

Went to band practice.

Came back and the committee was at “lunch”.

So I watered my lawn. Pulled some weeds. Made dinner. etc.

Then they came back and voted.

And now it’s FINALLY over.

The committee basically agreed to seat all of the delegates from both Florida and Michigan and only give them half a vote.

Things I learned from watching this today:

1. Harold Ickes is a total tool. Not only was he a dick to every pro-obama supporter, he also threatened to take this decision to the credentials committee- meaning this mess might not yet be over.

2. There really are a bunch of women who aren’t going to give up once Obama is the candidate. Watching dedicated Hillary supporters interrupt every vote screaming “Denver, Denver” really makes me worry we’re going to end up with another Chicago ’68 convention. The LAST thing the party needs is to have people around the world watching Denver police tazering 50+ women protesting Obama’s nomination.

Both Ickes and the women in the audience extremely embarrassed their candidate today.

So much for party unity.

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