Every day the Dispatch website does a survey that it calls “The Hot Issue“. In addition to voting, they also let readers leave comments.

The comments aren’t nearly as funny as the ones over at the Plain Dealer, but there is definitely a pattern to both.

I’m starting to think it’s the same people voting and commenting every day.

Today’s question is really loaded…

Do you think most people are poor because of their own actions or because of circumstances beyond their control?

And the responses are exactly what you’d expect.

Some people just make up statistics…

“I know many poor people and I’d estimate that over 85% of them are poor because of bad choices.”

“95% of people are where they put themselves.”

Others use their faith…

“teaching Darwinism in schools creates attitudes of superiority and separation.”

“It is the will of God that there be poor people. Jesus, the Son of God, Himself said “the poor will be with you always”.”

There is always the one guy who blames the liberals…

“The liberals in this state already passed minimum wage hikes, isn’t that great idea working??? “

At the PD, conversations usually devolve into a fight over race. Dispatch readers seem to mask their racists comments a little better- but they are always there:

Alot decide due to lack of parental control that selling drugs, running the streets is a better idea than working and studying. Most of those who sell drugs, run the streets have no parental control at home so end up in the world of a life of low end jobs due to having a felony conviction at a young age which limits your job posibilities. Also getting pregnant at a young age is a bad move.

Fortunately most readers seem to understand that this is a complex issue with many causes: bad choices combined with bad economic times, etc.

Still, the comments always make for good morning reading and are often much more entertaining than the actual articles.

  • J-Dog

    I’m becoming less and less a believer in the right to universal suffrage. If those people are that damned dumb, I don’t want them voting. Criminy!

  • I know exactly what you mean, J-Dog.

    I’ve often had exactly that same thought.

    The problem is coming up with a system that takes into account a voter’s IQ, education level, familiarity with the issues, racial biases, etc.

    Also- we’ll need a way to measure a voter’s genetic predisposition for recognizing bullshit.

    But I figure if someone is stupid enough to believe that liberals cause poverty, then they probably can’t figure out how to work the voting machine.

    And if they are too lazy to look up some actual statistics, then they probably won’t show up at the polls on election day.

  • J-Dog

    Yeah. I’m just frustrated at the abject stupidity of these people. Of course they should have the right to vote, but gee-whiz, I can certainly understand Obama’s candid moment in Pennsylvania about clinging to guns and religion, etc.

    I guess I need to go back and finish reading “What’s the matter with Kansas?” which deals extensively with people voting against their self-interest.

  • PLEASE read “dear hunting with jesus”

    it’s even better.

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