Ken Blackwell seems to believe that gay marriage is going to be a central issue in the 2008 presidential race.

It sounds to me like he needs to get out of the house more. Maybe talk to some people who aren’t right wing nuts jobs. It sounds like Ken has finally lost what little perspective he had.

For starters, both Democratic candidates have publicly said that they don’t support gay marriage- just like John McCain.

It’s pretty damn hard for an issue to be a factor in a race if everyone is on the same side of it.

But more importantly, no one cares.

A recent Gallup Poll found that only 16% of respondents would only vote for a candidate who shares their views on gay marriage.

The only thing Blackwell does seem to see clearly is his complete lack of political viability.

When asked if he planned to run for Governor again Blackwell responded: “That hasn’t even crossed my mind.”

Thank GOD!

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