A new piece in The New Republic by Michelle Cottle offers a glimpse into what went wrong with Hillary’s campaign.

Bottom line: I just don’t think she was hungry enough for it in the beginning. It wasn’t really until the ten-in-a-row loss that she started doing stuff like ‘Saturday Night Live’ and Jon Stewart. In the beginning, it was hard to get her to do those things.”

i think it was 11 in a row, but whatever. There are many more examples given by those in the know. Some we knew and others that were a bit surprising. Financial mismanagement bordering on fraud. More themes than you can shake a stick at. Inability to frame a campaign in a change environment. Circular firing squads. The list goes on. I’m sure this campaign will be studied for years to come. They took inevitable and turned it into unwinnable. Worth reading about the cautionary tale that is has become.

It would also behoove the Obama campaign to take a look see at what not to become in the general. They’ve been about as good as Hillary has been bad, though. It doesn’t mean their game doesn’t need to tighten up for a general – it does. There is certainly less room for error if he is to be elected in the fall.

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