I am continually amazed at the high quality snark to be found amongst NFL blogs. (The post from a Chicago blog opining about what really goes on in Sexy Rexy‘s head is one of my all time favorites – and is now a general internet meme: ‘fuck it, I’m going deep’.) This time, Kissing Suzy Kolber – named after one of the all-time uncomfortable moments in television history – has an exclusive statement from one Hillary Rodham Clinton.

You know, during this very long campaign season, I have traveled this country far and wide. I have been to all 50 states, shaken thousands of hands, kissed hundreds of babies, and seen literally millions of faces. And everywhere I go, I hear the same thing from people: Don’t give up. Don’t surrender. Be a fighter, Hillary. And it really inspired me. It made me realize that I wasn’t just running for me. I was running for working mothers, and their daughters, and millions of people around the nation. They put their faith in me, and it would be a crime to let them down.

So I’m not going to let a simple thing like the fact that I lost get in the way of continuing this battle. I was born a fighter. My mother once said I kicked so hard in the womb that the walls of her uterus were punctured. And, by golly, I will stay a fighter. Now, I’ve heard lots of naysayers say things like, “She doesn’t have enough delegates,” or, “No, seriously, the primaries are basically over. She lost,” or, “Jesus fucking Christ, will this stubborn bitch get out of the way of history already?” Well call me crazy, but I don’t think anyone told Michael Dukakis to give up after George Bush pasted his ass in ’88! What’s that? They did? Well then, he’s a little goddamn weakling.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. ‘Clinton’ also relates a letter from a stereotypical Boston fan, which I can’t possibly excerpt and do it justice. This is a hilarious post. Read it. Now.