There is a big debate going on in Chardon over two High School seniors who want to wear their military uniforms to graduation instead of the required cap and gown.

One kid is an active duty Marine and another in an Army National Guardsman.

Both have been through basic training- but neither seems to have learned a damn thing about courtesy, tradition, obeying orders or following instructions from their leaders.

I understand they are proud of their new uniforms but it sounds like maybe they need a little more instruction in the basics of military protocol.

Hey kids- the correct response here is: Sir, Yes Sir. I would like a large gown, Sir.

  • And the funny thing I pointed out in my blog post:

    And as an aside, anyone get the impression that these two kids are acting like petulant spoiled brats about this whole thing? By the way, who went to the media? THIS IS HOW THE RIGHT ALWAYS ACCUSES THE LEFT OF BEHAVING! But when you wrap yourself in the flag nowadays, I guess it provides cover to act like spoiled brats who want their way or the highway.

  • If you think about it, it’s really quite selfish. They want to attract attention to themselves at an event celebrating the achievement reached by the entire graduating class.

  • I agree on both points.

    The purpose of boot camp is to teach new recruits how to be team players.

    The kids might as well just wear olive drab t-shirts that say:

    I went to Parris Island and all I got was this lousy uniform.

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