Despite all of our speculation and discussion about who would be Ohio’s New Attorney General (Plunderpoll predicted Jerid Kurtz), I don’t think anyone guessed it would be an outsider like Nancy Rogers.

In all of the excitement, it seems like we overlooked a lot of obvious problems that Marc Dann brought to the AG’s office.

Fortunately, the Governor appears to have been a little more thorough in his analysis than Ohio’s political bloggers. Just off the top of my head I can see three big benefits to choose Nancy Rogers over some of the other candidates:

1. She’s not a guy.

What better way to clean up the “frat house” type atmosphere Dann and his buddies brought to the AG’s office than to appoint a women?

No more sex scandals and no more late-night pizza and pajama parties.

2. She’s not a politician or a political insider

Not only does Ms. Rogers not have any serious political baggage like Marc Dann, she doesn’t appear to have any serious political ambitions either.

This means her appointment shouldn’t draw any major critisism from the Republicans and there won’t be any resentment from Democrats who may have their eye on the AG’s office.

3. She actually has management experience

Marc Dann admitted he wasn’t ready for the job of AG and blamed a lot of the problems in his office on the fact that he’s is a bad manager.

Ms. Rogers has years of experience managing a large staff and running a large organization and should be ready for the job on day one.

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