It looks like Mecklenborg’s useless, English-Only bill is currently moving through the Senate and will probably hit the floor for a vote tomorrow.

According to the Senate committee schedule, the second hearing for HB 477 is being held today.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, HB 477 will make English the “required language for official proceedings” of State Government.

Mecklenborg, the bill’s sponsor, claims it is not an English-Only bill and that it will help promote English learning among immigrants.

Unfortunately, both of these statements are lies. The bill IS, in fact, an English-Only bill and it does absolutely nothing to help immigrants learn English.

On top of that, the bill is completely unnecessary because EVERY state agency in Ohio conducts official proceedings in English already. Even the Ohio Commission on Hispanic / Latino Affairs.

It’s obvious to everyone that this bill’s real purpose is purely for political propaganda on the part of the Republicans. Be prepared to see it referenced in campaign commercials this fall.

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