Ben Smith points out that the African American women seen shaking John McCain’s hand in his latest commercial is wearing a Barack Obama t-shirt!

You have to look closely, but the logo on her shirt is clearly Obama’s:

Here’s the full ad so you can see it for yourself:

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  • I dont understand how campaigns can make mistakes like this. People out there are going to find it. Dont people look over these things?

  • I assume the ads are made by an outside company.

    Maybe the video editor is an Obama supporter 🙂

    Or maybe they just couldn’t find any other footage of McCain shaking hands with a black woman.

  • not sure what that white tissue is but it sure looks to me like they attempted to cover it.

  • tim russo


  • out-freaking-standing! very nice.

  • Stephanie

    Hat’s off to McCain and his useless campaign for making it possible for the public to see just how desperate and underhanded that he can be!
    Do they really think that people are so foolish . . .WOW! This is a sad attempt to get the black vote.

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