From the daily archives: Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ben Smith points out that the African American women seen shaking John McCain’s hand in his latest commercial is wearing a Barack Obama t-shirt!

You have to look closely, but the logo on her shirt is clearly Obama’s:

Here’s the full ad so you can see it for yourself:

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Watching the McCain speech in the Atlanta airport. It got interrupted 4 times with war protestors. This guy is gonna get so hounded and tied to Bush it will be tough for him to get his message out otherwise.

Great work. Hilarious.

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Yes, gas prices are much higher than they used to be.

And yes, the cost of fuel is impacting the cost of groceries and everything else we buy.

But maybe the news isn’t all that bad.

For starters, most of Europe has always paid WAY more than we do, even with the latest jump in U.S. gas prices.

For example, drivers in Paris pay $5.54 per gallon. In London it’s $5.79 per gallon. And in Amsterdam they pay a whopping $6.48 per gallon.

Which could explain why so many people ride bikes in Amsterdam.

Which brings me to my […]

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