Getting lectured by Ralph King on class is akin to getting lectured on civil rights by David Duke. It’s funny – I don’t care who you are. Wittle Walphie’s ears were hurt because big bad Eric used some awful naughty words in one of his wecent posts.

Let’s remember that Ralph resides at the bottom of the wingnut barrel of racist, homophobic, misogynistic ranting lunatics. Here are just a few recent examples of his high brow classy commentary:

King on May 24th, 2008 4:54 pm
Metro-sexual is another term for being half-a-fag.
Real men will vote for McCain!
Actually Hillary is more of a man than Odumbo. For that matter so is his wife Michelle!

Barack HUSSEIN Odumbo is a terrorist loving ass hat. This moron actually thinks he empty speeches will win the hearts of the terrorists he has dressed like…Maybe they would prefer we just call him Buckwheat!

Here is my apology – Kiss my ass you chicken shit liberal suck ass.

I will soon have some special stuff that will be sure to thrill you asshat panty waist kiss asses absolutely spitless.

So stick your ban, the broad you refer to and marking spam up your fat fucking ass. As you yank my privileges, make sure you get a good hold on my dick and yank that too!

There are several expressions that jump to mind here. Pot and kettle. Stones and glass houses. At least when I take off on a profanity laced rant it makes sense. This guy ought to rename his blog Ralph’s Wingnut Wonderland. Wing-nut from the left. ROFL. We call that projection, my man.

So pardon me if I’m not moved by Ralph’s claims of unstable hate speech. Fucking hypocrite!

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