We’ve assumed certain people wouldn’t vote for Obama just because he’s black but, until today, I hadn’t seen any good polling numbers to support that theory.

The proof comes in the form a new Newsweek poll that employs something called a “Racial Resentment Index” (RRI) that attempts to calculate the racial bias the respondents.

According to the results, approximately 28% of white Democrats had a high RRI score.

Not surprisingly, respondents with high RRI scores (i.e. racists) overwhelmingly preferred Hillary Clinton for the nomination (67% to 21%). Respondents with low RRI scores (i.e. non-racists) preferred Obama (48% to 43%).

To calculate the RRI, the poll included questions about:

* affirmative action

* whether blacks or whites lost out more because of racial preferences in things like hiring or school admissions

* whether racial discrimination or personal responsibility accounted for problems facing black Americans

* opinions on interracial marriage and dating

* reaction that white voters would have if a black American with equal education and income moved into their neighborhood

So now we’ve got real evidence showing Hillary is getting the racist vote.

I guess now we need some polling to show that Barack is getting the sexist vote? I’m sure there are some sexist Democrats out there- but I’m willing to bet that it’s far fewer than 28%.

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