On April 24, 1925 a Grand Jury indicted John T. Scopes for violating a law (The Butler Act) passed one month earlier by the Tennessee Legislature that made it illegal to teach evolution in science classes in any of the state’s public schools and colleges.

The indictment claimed that Scopes:

“did unlawfully and willfully teach in public schools of Rhea County, Tennessee … certain theory and theories that deny the story of Divine creation of man as taught in the Bible and did teach thereof that man descended from a lower order of animals.”

After reading part of the creation story from the Book of Genesis, Judge Raulston informed the jurors “that it was not within their province to inquire into the policy or the wisdom of the legislation.”

Scopes was found guilty and his lawyers later lost on appeal to the Supreme Court of Tennessee in 1927.

For the next 40 years science teachers in TN couldn’t teach evolution.

It wasn’t until 1968 that the US Supreme Court finally ruled (in Epperson v. Arkansas) that bans like the one imposed by the Butler Act are unconstitutional because they violate the Establishment Clause.

So again I remind you:

John McCain has promised, should he become president, to appoint extreme conservatives to the U.S. Supreme court. Justices willing to overturn important, landmark decisions like Epperson v. Arkansas and Roe v. Wade. Justices willing to undo all of the important progress we’ve made as a country.

And you still want to vote for McCain because Hillary isn’t our nominee?