• Clinton 09

    Keith Olbermann is a stupid, arrogant, pompus chauvanistic pig. Hillary said nothing wrong and shouldn’t have to apologize for referencing to the length of the primary contest. You big boys just can’t handle the fact that Hillary is smart and better than all the white old bas tards that can’t stand to see a strong woman in a “man’s” field. Keith, get over yourself, pick your panties out of your butt and get used to the fact that women are succeeding in this male dominated world.

  • Um…not sure if you’ve been paying attention. Your strong woman is getting her clocked cleaned. Please pay attention.

    Again, zero reason to invoke assassination if your point is merely primary length. Plenty of other examples too.

    Most have no problem with a woman succeeding and I personally like to see it. This isn’t about her being a woman (for the 4,327th time). This is about her being a spiteful, vindictive, bitch.

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