Mecklenborg’s mean-spirited, anti-immigrant, English-Only bill (H. B. No. 477) is on the House Calendar for today.

The debate should be pretty interesting. You can watch it at

I’ll update this post if anything interesting comes out of it.


Mecklenborg starts the discussion declaring “this is not an english-only bill.” Instead, he claims, this bill only “requires all state agencies to use english in all meetings and for each record recorded”.

Not a very convincing argument for the need of this bill, though, since he says all of this in English while the minutes are recorded- also in English.

Rep. Stephen Dyer gets up and reads something from chaucer in middle English that no one understands. And then something in

German that everyone does.

The first sentence would be allowed- because it’s English. The second sentence wouldn’t.

Point taken.

Rep Dan Stuart is next.

His argument is the same as mine: this bill is not needed. It is a solution without a problem.

“It doesn’t do anything to help more people speak English.” There are not NO agencies that conduct meetings is anything but English.

Driehaus takes a different approach in opposition to the bill arguing that’s in unfunded mandate to local government.

He also shows letters from Ohio businesses saying this bill will have “a chilling effect” on economic development.