Democracy Guy speaks! His NDI stuff was always some of my favorite and I wish I had been able to talk him into self publishing a book. Some great stories.

His latest post relates his experiences to what is going on now with the Clinton line of attack on Florida and Michigan:

To see Hillary now argue, in the face of all evidence, that the rules both SHE and Barack Obama AGREED TO, which only Obama has ABIDED BY, and which have been enforced UNDER THE RULE OF LAW, now are the same as the Florida 2000 recount, let alone Robert Mugabe’s dictatorship, is repulsive to me.

He ends with a sutra that has been my mantra lately:

Thank God Hillary Clinton will not be president of the United States of America. Thank God.

Amen, brother. Amen.

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  • Modern Esquire

    Funny, I seem to remember reading how Obama surrogates in Michigan were running ads and a campaign to inform people that a vote for “Uncommitted” would be a vote for Obama. But, no, he didn’t participate at all in those states. And people like DailyKos before those primaries who are howling now didn’t admit that the DNC would have to find some way to sit delegations in Florida and Michigan.

    No, none of those things happened. Nor the inherent contradiction of attacking Hillary for being against the rules in asking that Florida’s and Michigan’s delegations be seated at the convention while at the same time attacking her campaign to convince the superdelegates that they should not consider themselves independent of the majority of the pledged delegates (something else the “rules” said before this all started that all of a sudden Obama supporters could stand.)

    Nobody, neither Clinton, Obama, or even Howard Dean honestly believed that the DNC would have a convention without delegations from Michigan or Florida. Not before the primaries, not after.

  • No, he didn’t campaign at all and your weak ass argument doesn’t bring that to the table either. Surrogates? Please. I’m gonna bet you won’t argue everything a Clinton “surrogate” did was official campaign activity. In fact I know you won’t because you haven’t.

    Dean didn’t honestly believe in enforcing his own rules? That’s a claim right there. Of course he believed it. Whatever is negotiated at this point is beside the real point of Hillary trying to spin her way to stealing a nomination and I won’t soon forget that you tried to help her!

    I know as someone who supposedly has studied and presumably operates in their career based on “rules of law”, I know you are not asking us to ignore rules set out and agreed by all parties. What do they call that? Breach?

  • Just to be clear here. Let’s not let ME or anyone else obfuscate this with attacks on Obama. This is not so much about Clinton or Obama. This is about both Florida and Michigan knowing the rules and violating them. They knew before they scheduled their primaries what the rules were. They decided to violate them by scheduling their primaries early.

    The result of which being (and they knew this) that their delegates would not be seated.

    It’s really very simple until you factor in the political spin machine meant to confuse the issue.

  • Modern Esquire

    I never thought I lived to see the day when the Democratic Party stood for “rules” which disenfranchised millions of voters from having any participation in the political process, or a day when “progressives” would applaud such a rule.

    Some things are more important than blind fealty to your candidate. Democrats in Michigan and Florida should have a say at our convention and about our nominee. And any precious rule that exists only to protect the political fiefdom of Iowa and New Hampshire should not stand in the way.

    Hillary didn’t campaign in Michigan or Florida either. BTW, John Conyers is more than just some surrogate:
    But, you’re right there was no coordinated effort by Obama supporters to campaign in Michigan. 🙂

  • What are you all afraid of? Count all the votes!!!!

  • @4: You were in spam for some reason. The rules didn’t disenfranchise voters, the states did. You and yours expressed no problem with the DNC rules until it was the only way you could remain viable. Your ability to spout Hillary talking points has reached an all time high.

    Hillary’s name recognition gave her a distinct advantage in not campaigning in either state. You know this. I would have thought that once the inevitable had set in you’d stop shilling, but I guess not. Unreal.

    Here’s what I know. You make rules. You stick with the rules and don’t change them in the middle of the game because you are down. THAT, my friend, is blind fealty. Going along with every single fucking bullshit talking point about why Hillary should win when she clearly got her ass out campaigned and outworked.

    Wake up, man!

    @5: I’m not afraid of anything. My guy will be the nominee. I’m just trying to call bullshit where bullshit needs to be called.

    It’s a moot point really guys. I look forward to Modern’s support here in a few weeks when he’s on the O train. I look forward to kicking Pullins ass in the general. Unless his crunchy con self is an Obama guy. 😉

  • @4: So here’s a question Modern. Who do you think will be the nominee? Does Hillary have a path still?

    I’m tempted to just ignore your comments until we have a nominee so we can fight together. I really think it’s a moot point at this time. I will welcome you with open arms, brother. Open arms.

  • tim russo

    i think hillary is too butch and therefore people will think she’s a lesbian, and that’s why she’s losing the nomination. just check out the pant suits!

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